MusicJet provides artists with fully customizable smart link pages for sharing on your social channels and profile bio links.

MusicJet is all about quality and customization. With our smart links platform you can build whole pages of links to your streaming profiles, social pages, ticket and merch links. Share these links on your social media profile bio link and not only will fans find all the information they need to play your music and buy your tickets but you’ll also have detailed stats on your traffic and clicks. Smart links allow your to record visits, clicks and choices. Wouldn’t you like to know who’s listening to you on each streaming network? Where your social visits are coming from? Let your followers know that if they need to find your music, tickets and merch they simply need to visit your “link in bio”.

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MusicJet is bought to you by the people that provide fan club services to some of the biggest artists in the world. If you want to bring your fans closer in your own social platform that nurtures fans and provides 100% reach, take a look at how we can help.