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Create Smart Links for Music Marketing

Create Smart Links to promote all of your music, tickets, merchandise and socials with unique smart pages and links and get detailed insights into your fan behaviour.

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Landing Pages

Create Beautiful Smart Landing Pages

Create and manage one or more artist smart pages from your single dashboard. Add all of your social pages, music streaming services as well as merch links and other artist related pages.

Why do you need this?
Share your smart page URLs on your social media bio pages and your followers will always know where to go to find everything your offer. You’ll also get great insights in to your fans and how they interact with you.

Multiple Artists

Manage Multiple Artists

Whether you’re an artist, label, management company one account allows you to manage multiple accounts. If you have more than a handfund of artists try our PRO account.

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short links
Short Links

Create Endless Short Links

Use our link shorteners. We have multiple music artist related short domains available for you to choose from.


Fully Customisable Smart Pages

Add your own touch to your landing page with our editor and stand out from the crowd.

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Day by day Statistics

Get to know your audience with our detailed statistics and if those are not enough, you can integrate Google Analytics, Facebook Pixels and more.