How To Get More Music Streams

Wondering how to get more music streams?

Today, whether you’re an artist, a band or a record label, developing your prominence on DSP’s (Digital Streaming Platforms) is essential to building your brand and getting to word out there.

Spotify and Apple among others-has become an essential platforms for artists and bands. Spotify sells itself as the place to be to reach people, but how do your turn those plays in followers and then fans?

Unfortunately Rome wasn’t worked in a day, and it’s going to take you some time.

Long story short, there is no easy route to it as we share the information we do know to help you maximise every visitor to your profiles.

Top tips to maximise your streams, followers and fans on music streaming networks.


There’s only one way for playlists to actually generate fans and that’s to get on to official playlists. Don’t buy your way on to lists as you’ll get a lot of plays but fewer saves. This algo is a sign to streaming networks that your music is not interesting enough.

Submit Your Music Before You Release It.

When you submit your music to DSP’s make surer you gave notice and make sure you asked to be added to their review system. It not only gives you chance to try and get on some of the streaming network’s biggest playlists but also the chance to give more info about your song, which helps match it further with other artists and music.

Which Streaming Platform

Be sure to offer every option for fans to find your music on all platforms, not just Spotify. You can do this by building smart links that give followers every link they might need. Think of the traffic you are losing through your social bio links. Use a smart music link to maximise every hit.

Create Your Own Playlist

Manage your own personal playlists around your releases. Most importantly, having your own curated playlist allows you to trade your tracks with other artists, share your music and increase your presence.

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