What does Link In Bio mean?

When you launch your social media pages the aim should be to drive traffic somewhere, not just simply gain followers, likes and comments. After all, these don’t pay the bills. This is where a link in bio comes in to play. When making posts to social networks telling your followers where to go for more information is limited, so mentioning they should visit your “link in bio” should allow followers to find everything about you.

A “bio link” on social media is a destination for profiles and the essential information they can provide if set up correctly.

Building a cool page to direct your followers to is key to not only increasing exposure but also to collect data on a follower. For example with a MusicJet page, you can track your visitors with your Facebook and Google tracking codes, allowing you to retarget followers after their visit. Data is king!

Most social networks make ti easy to include links in your bio Instagram being the most complex. With Instagram posts you can’t include a clickable link so there really is little choice than to tell people to visit your bio link in your profile. One thing for sure is that this link should not go to one place. You need to learn about your followers and give them choice.

Twitter also allows a single link in your profile page, although links in posts also work. Again MusicJet can help by providing you with smart bio links to track your traffic.

How to User Your Link In Bio

Your social media bio is an important place to collect data and find out what your followers are looking for. MusicJet allows you to build a full page of links for your bio and display them in a great looking page. You can use your link in bio for so many things including;

  • Direct people to your music profiles on streaming networks
  • Generate leads
  • Link to your favourite places
  • Run a competition or giveaway
  • Collect remarketing data on users.

With tools like MusicJet you can take back control of your bio link and give your fans a much better experience as well as collect deatiled stats on what followers like and don’t.

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