7 Ways to use Smart Links

What are Smart Links?

Smart Links are short links

Smart links are short customizable links that allow you to not only provide your fans with easy to read URLs but also full pages of links directing your fans to the correct places. Imagine one simple link to gives your fans all of the links they need to find everything you do from music streaming links to merch, social pages and website links.
Smart Links are versatile and they’re free: once you create a free account at MusicJet, you can generate and use Smart Links anywhere you want. You can also measure your social media growth with another service we offer.

So, how can you use these features to grow your own online presence?

  1. Give all your social media pages one link allowing all your fans to find your music on their streaming service.
    Smart Links are easy to read. When sharing something on social media, you’d rather the link be short and memorable, right? With MusicJet you choose your short link and brand it the way you want.Example: Link in bio ☝lnk.link/LadyGaga
  2. Quickly make short links to send fans to your new album or song.
    Use this to share on your socials (and anywhere) and not only will it nicer will record every click, giving your instant and detailed stats of who and where people are clicking from.
  3. Show your name in your links.
    Smart Links are descriptive. Maybe you’re having a tough time choosing which page to link to from your Instagram bio link. Well with MusicJet that not a problem. One link gives fans all the options they need.
  4. Raise awareness with better messages
    Smart Links tell your fans that when they click the link they will get options to visit all kinds of links you provide.
  5. Help your fans find links fast.
    Smart Links pages show your fans every link you want them to see. Don’t forget not everyone is on Spotify. Give your fans links to your music on all platforms without them having the search themselves.
  6. Provide a call to action
    Smart Links clearly show your fans that you are providing them a host of other useful links that can only help build your online presence and connect fans to the pages they want to be connected to.
  7. Track more than clicks
    Smart Links are trackable. You can add UTM parameters to Smart Links to collect additional data about what your audience is clicking on. In addition to knowing your click count, you can see click sources and geographic data in the MusicJet dashboard.


Start experimenting with Smart Links

These are just 7 ideas to get you going, but MusicJet has plenty of uses, even ones we haven’t thought of. It’s easy to get started with a free account, so you can start linking smarter today!

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